The truth is stronger in fiction

You. Must. Read. YOU. By Phil Whitaker.

Brilliant, innovative, gripping, hellish, unbelievable truth. YOU is driven by honesty, humanity, compassion and love. A guaranteed page-turner. A story of supernatural hope over terrible experience, of understanding and even forgiveness. I won’t say any more. To unpack the magic of this art would spoil YOU for you.

I suggest you order several copies of YOU.  Yes!  Why not?! This is high quality at a low price. You’ll want to give a copy of YOU to lots of people. You’ll want to keep your own copy to read again.

YOU is not just great fiction from an established novelist, a considerable work of art. It is also a high quality, easy and complete education about a hidden and very real scourge of thousands of children and families around the world.

YOU raises awareness of this darkest truth like nothing else has ever done. Let YOU open your eyes. With those gift copies YOU can open other people’s eyes.

But again: Mum’s the word … or perhaps it’s Dad?!  To unpack the magic of its truth would again spoil what YOU can do.

That’s it really. YOU. Order it here or here. Then get reading!

Nick Child, Edinburgh

About Nick Child

Retired child and family shrink and family therapist living, working and playing in Edinburgh.

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