Do this survey – Let’s tick off controlling relationships

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Click the image to do the survey.

Last time we gave you a checklist about harmful psychological coercive persuasion. This time we want everyone to do a survey on it.

The checklist is a general description of what happens in several places … in cults, terrorism, bullying, gangs, abusive relationships and other family conflict.

With a good description, we can all join forces to learn about this common enemy. Then we can spot it and not get taken in by it.

Do the survey – Vote below

You can help build and improve this idea by sharing experiences you’ve come across in this short survey version of the checklist.

The survey is called: Tick-Box Those Who Box You In.  It just takes a few ticks to tick off the description of the controlling relationships you’ve come across. Enjoy a little revenge as you do it even!

You and the data collected remain completely anonymous. By refreshing the page, you can repeat the survey for several different coercive relationship experiences.

Even quicker … you can one-click what you think of the checklist idea in the poll below  (Read the checklist below if you need a reminder.)

The minute it takes you to do the survey and vote is really valuable. The more individuals who actively help us all to learn about this common enemy, the more people will get to know how to walk away not be taken in. That’s how we can all prevent harmful coercion happening.

So: share this with everyone!

Once you see how important this idea is, please share the survey link so everyone can join in. You could use the hashtag WAnti for “Walk Away not taken in”. The link to share is:

Your one-click feedback please …

If you need a reminder … here’s the main idea again:

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About Nick Child

Retired child and family shrink and family therapist living, working and playing in Edinburgh.


  1. Christine Palatine


    Christine Palatine


    • Thanks Chrissy .. and to all the others who’ve had a look and a go at the survey.

      Once you’ve tried it yourself, and once you’ve got the idea of how the survey builds awareness that helps learning and prevention of all kinds of coercive relationship, the next thing to do is to tell other people about it! The link to share is



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