The Misery Checklist by Amy JL Baker

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 14.39.06Amy JL Baker rivals Richard Warshak for pride of place in the hall of Parental Alienation fame. To add to her achievements, now she has written a novel – The Misery Checklist. Surprisingly, this is from the point of view of an aligned or alienating parent.

The book’s opening sentence is: “This is the story of how I turned my daughter against her mother.” Well, the real life stories a therapist hears from Alienated family members are perhaps the most unbelievable fiction-like stories of all the true stories a therapist hears. So writing a novel makes sense.

The novel and the nomination race is part of her effort to raise awareness about PA. What an important angle for such an experienced authority to tell the world about in such an interesting way!

Through our international grapevines, she says she has submitted the novel to a writing competition sponsored by (and presumably for!) Amazon. You can read the first three chapters now. If you live in the US, you can then nominate the book over the next few weeks … the book with the most nominations will be considered for publication.

So please do read this new kind of publicity and teaching. And support Amy’s innovative way to raise awareness – even if you can’t actually help nominate the book. I guess we’ll see it come out some other way eventually, but this way adds some energy! The link to forward is:

Nick Child, Edinburgh

About Nick Child

Retired child and family shrink and family therapist living, working and playing in Edinburgh.

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