Chip Chimera: Working with Parental Alienation


For those who heard her wonderful plenary and workshop in London a year earlier (Sept 2013), Chip had far too short a time at this conference to describe her work with alienated families, and her developed use of Attachment-based understanding for all parties in an alienated family – alienating parent, alienated child, and alienated parented. Click here to have a fuller look at her presentation.

Chip Chimera is a Systemic Family Psychotherapist and a psychodrama psychotherapist with many years of experience in working with families, individuals and groups. Chip teaches at the Institute of Family Therapy where she is the director of the Centre for Child Studies. Currently undertaking doctoral studies, Chip has extensive experience in working with high conflict families; alienation processes and the involvement of the courts.

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  1. david secrett

    I find this presentation inspiring and will use it to inform my thinking in working with families where there is hostility and signs of parental/child alienation.


  2. alisonom

    Three points Chip made included:
    “Seen often in high functioning families”
    “Be prepared to have complaints made against you as a professional.”
    “Usually long work”
    Thanks Chip.

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