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We very much want this blog to be a lively welcoming place to read and talk comfortably about any aspect you want to. Thoughtful comments, articles and feedback are welcome. Please contact Nick in the contact box below.  Here are some of our guiding principles

Non-Gendered (child focused; not parental rights/interests).
Solutions (robust, lasting & minimal) through depth of understanding.
Collaboration (rather than isolation).
Validation (by writing & commenting alongside others).
Engagement with others (comments / replies).
Interest (traffic / views / subscribers).
Referrals (from other sites / sources / references).
Learning (from each other / other disciplines / parents / kids).
Co-operation (towards a common cause: what children need).
Sharing experience (professional / personal).
High Bar (set by the clarity & quality of writing & thinking).
Action (when you visit the site, do something: sign up, comment, etc).

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